Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Behind the Mic with Dan Maher

For nearly 30 years, public radio listeners in the Northwest and beyond have tuned in to listen to Inland Folk, hosted by Dan Maher. For many, Maher is a living encyclopedia of folk music, local as well as international. Northwest Public Radio's Behind the Mic decided to take a peek at how Dan produces the show each week, and learn a little more about what Inland Folk is all about. Click below to watch the video.

Dan grew up in Spokane, Washington and began listening to the radio with his sister at a very early age. To learn more click on the video below.

A little-known fact is that Dan played the drums before he picked up the guitar. To learn more about the start of his musical career and hear a sampling of Dan singing the Beatles song "I Saw Her Standing There," click on the video below.

In the late 60's public radio took its first steps - and Dan was there listening. As the years have passed Dan has observed many changes to public radio. To hear Dan's opinion on the role of local programing on public radio, click on the video below.

Dan has been a performing in the Northwest for years. This summer he performed on the campus of Washington State University. Below are a few of the many great songs that he performed. Look closely and you might spot a few Northwest Public Radio employees in the audience!

John Denver - Rhymes and Reasons

Tom Dundee - Delicate Balance

Leah Koffman and Kat Fox - Chipmunk with a Death Wish